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Chat jungle info

In January 1996, Kool FM Midlands started broadcasting to the Midlands on 105.6 FM, based in Birmingham; by then dedicated to drum'n'bass.

In 1998, US magazine Vibe compared it favourably to Kiss FM (a former London pirate radio station which had become legal): "Meanwhile, UK pirates like Kool FM continue to broadcast even better music without interference from authorities.

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Remember, Equilibrium Strike offers up a stun rather than a slow if Irelia’s health percent is lower than her target’s.

And yes, we know that’s not what equilibrium means.

No modern analysis of subspeciation has been undertaken. The Jungle Cat has a broad but patchy distribution.

Therefore, in all contexts, the English content, as directly provided by the IUCN Red List is to be held authoritative."Taxonomy is currently under review by the IUCN SSC Cat Specialist Group (2014). There remains uncertainty as to how the species will respond to habitat loss, and potential interactions with hunting and persecution.

Once thought to be closely related to the lynxes, which share its characteristic traits of tufted ears, long limbs and a short tail (Sunquist and Sunquist 2002), the Jungle Cat is actually a close relative of the domestic cat. The Jungle Cat's preference for open scrub and grassland in South Asia makes the species more susceptible to habitat loss than cat species which also utilise denser evergreen forests. Therefore, further research is recommended, particularly in the Indian subcontinent, in order to gather additional data for a more thorough future assessment of the species' likely trends in response to habitat loss.

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