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Tips for dating a blogger

The singer was quoted in 2005 saying that he would only admit to being in a relationship if he was getting married.But his agent was quick to make light of the statement on Wednesday, reports Apple Daily.

The truth is, making a name for yourself isn’t easy. But again, making a living blogging can become a reality if you’re ready to tackle the challenges. One of the first and most important steps of creating a blog is to decide on its niche. For example, your blogging niche can be car loans, baby care, or Christian dating. Luckily, at that time while my life was being dragged through the gutter, the one thing that kept me sane was my travel blog and the travel blogging community. It represents a risk, I understand if it all goes pear shaped in the end. Sometimes in life you’ve got to lead your life, take a chance and see if it leads you somewhere. As with anything in life, whatever the circumstances, change is hard to embrace. My writing, photography skills are half decent but video skills are terrible –so from a professional perspective, make a lot of sense to date a female travel vlogger? I’ve posed this question to many bloggers in the past and yesterday I put out the feelers out on Facebook about my post to guage the reaction of what people think of travel blogger romances and my post idea. I am giving the impression that the travel blogging community loves to indulge in gossip, sometimes bitchy and sometimes love idle talk. Though, tell me any community or tribe in the world where this doesn’t happen. Kudos to them for trying I say 🙂 It may not work out for everyone.Dear friends, Online international dating has become more sophisticated and challenging.Men who expect to just post a picture and a short bio to get the attention of Russian and Ukrainian brides will be...

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Dear friends, Wooing a beautiful woman from Ukraine or Russia is a process that you must take quite seriously.

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