Updating web page without refreshing

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You may be able to use the "latest version" method that the example uses if JQuery still supports it.

Your best bet would be websockets but it's quite more complicated to implement server side than e.g a long polling ajax. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Hi guys Im wondering how it is possible to refresh the data on the page (read from php database), without having to refresh the whole page.Despite the name, the use of XML is not needed, and the requests need not be asynchronous.[2]" You said it AJAX XMLHTTPRequest search for j Query and ajax on the wiki, it's not sow tough stuff nowadays as it was 4-5 years ago, when we were using hidden iframes to simulate desktop application behaviour online. Like for a flight, you are departing, cruise or landed.

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