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Who is rosie from corrie dating

Rita turned on Gemma after the recent mix-up with The Kabin store, but it's not just their feud that's on Gemma's mind next week as it becomes clear she's being cruelly targeted by her former friends Zoe and Roxy.

When a man comes into the kebab shop and tells Gemma that her image doesn't match her profile, she quickly realises that Zoe and Roxy have set up a fake account on a dating site in a bid humiliate her.

" Unfortunately for Tim, it seems Rosie won't be interested in an affair.

She is more interested in Adam Barlow, as the two have been flirting recently.

Unfortunately, she discovered that her mother had an affair with the father of one of her new Oakhill friends and though she didn't say anything to her father, it increased the tension between the two.

She had a crush on David Platt when she was younger and also Craig Harris and later started dating Craig.

Rosie later prepares to leave the cobbles, and asks Jason to join her in the taxi so they can say goodbye properly. Watch Coronation Street tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV1.

First appeared: 25 December 1990 Rosie was a docile child but after her parents, Kevin and Sally, divorced, she became angry and hard to handle for awhile, even running away when Sally had the children in Scarborough visiting Sally's mother.

She went through a phase of bullying at school as well.

It seems that Rosie Webster's stepdad Tim is developing feelings for her.

Tim seemed to get very uncomfortable at the thought of Rosie in "tiny shorts and a tiny top".

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