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Bradentondating com

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The “ Second Wave” will be global wireless access to ubiquitous any media (voice, data, video) mobile services from /to wherever you many be (Home, offices, hotels, airports, in the air, or at the beach) and for any device (cellphones, PDAs, Internet aware appliances, ATMs, POS devices, Kiosk, PCs, Laptops, …etc).

This will all be enabled with technologies like “ Bluetooth”, WAP, DSL, and cable modems that integrate seamlessly, Personal Area Networks (PAN) and devices with long distance high-bandwidth wired/wireless internet and public telephone network access.

This past Tuesday an On Balance poster named “Thought” how to lose 8 lbs of water weight palpitations obesity heart (who doesn’t yet have kids) wrote: “One of my biggest fears of motherhood is losing myself.” Ditto.

This will increase the need to re-purpose data and information that here-to-fore transverse only proprietary and protected interfaces to public formats (XML, WML, DTD…) so that the information maybe readily understood and routed as needed.

Mobile Workshop - WWW9 Amsterdam, 14May 2000 Through mobile Internet services, wireless operators and application service providers will soon offer subscribers the “ FIRST Wave” of access to Internet and corporate intranet-based services including email, contacts, and voice mail, and to information such as travel, news, stocks, weather, and sports through their WAP-enabled mobile devices.

Consumer and business users will therefore have virtually anytime, anywhere access to up-to-the-minute information.

Wireless “killer” apps of the Second Wave will include services like voice/data integration, trusted electronic payments between devices, mobile shopping, and full service banking.

Considering the environment of a Bluetooth home-office PAN (as in figure 1), one can envision the need to freely transfer data from one device to another.

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