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Who is stacy keibler dating now

Jennifer Lawrence on Being Sexy In true Jennifer Lawrence form, the actress was completely hilarious and modest about being named Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM magazine.When asked about the title at the X-Men: Days of Future Past premiere this weekend, she casually brushed off the...

As most know by now, I am not a fan of "fantasy booking." I suppose I dabble in it once in awhile, but talking about HBK vs Daniel Bryan, Andre the Giant vs Big Show or even Stone Cold vs Hogan just doesn't interest me at this point in my life.If you do not want to want talk about George Clooney appearing on WWE TV down the road...click the X in the top right corner of your computer screen.I was just roaming through this fine site, and in the news feed I read that Stacy and George are reportedly now dating and/or hooking up in some sort of way—significant enough that it would make some headlines, at least.In 2006, Keibler took time off from the WWE to compete in (old WCW fans will remember that she got her start as one of the dancing Nitro Girls during the tail-end of WCW).Keibler placed third, and while the competition didn't award her with any huge opportunities, she still decided to leave the WWE after that show was completed.

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