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Are scorpio risings intimidating

When we are interacting with others for the first time we will also behave more like the ascendant sign.

The ascendant will show information about how we came into life (how we were born) and how we come into any new and unfamiliar scene.

The ascendant can be aggressive while the sun sign is more reserved which can create a situation where we reveal ourselves to strangers but then retreat when the relationship deepens.These people are like the Ever-Ready rabbit – hyper and ready to go.They rarely sit still and can usually be spotted as the person casing the room, looking for some other adventure.He is a Virgo riser who outpowers the usual Virgo typology with Moon in Aries parallel Pluto and contra-parallel Uranus. Today we’re talking about your Ascendant or Rising Sign. For example, if you are a Scorpio Sun with a Scorpio Rising, you’re going to be as Scorpy as it gets! (True story: I once knew a guy who was a triple Scorpio – Sun, Moon and Rising all in Scorpio.

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This is just a general guideline so don’t get all twisted, yo.