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Updating shortcuts

A few lines below are variables that you can set to modify the behavior of the script.

In this form, Silent = 0 (off), which will prompt you with each shortcut it finds that meet the criteria specified in the initial input boxes.

Finally, it will ask you for the root folder which you would like to begin the search (and replace).

If you run in verbose mode, you will be prompted to say 'yes' for each shortcut you'd like to change.

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This script only works with single instances of a string - if there are more than one instance, the script will change the first instance.

This script searches the given folder (and sub-folders) for shortcuts that contains a particular string (i.e.

"c:\temp\shortcut_target.exe" first it will prompt you to type the string you wish to replace, after which, it prompts for the new string.

Windows has always had a solid collection of keyboard shortcuts for those who prefer quick access to functionality but even with touch screens these days it is always handy to be able to just hit a quick key combination for common tasks in the daily use of Windows.

Yesterday's release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update includes a couple of new keyboard shortcuts to go along with all of the others that have been in Windows for a while.

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Previously a home directory path looked something like this: You will not be able to access your engineering home directory (often referred to as: stak drive, Z-drive, etc) using any shortcuts or mapped drives that used the old path.

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