Drake dating nicki minaj

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Drake dating nicki minaj

What’s so strange about a rapper visiting one of his friends on NYE?Drake was originally slated to host his own New Year’s Eve party at a different club in MIA but he left the party early to go party with Nicki.Buzz started to circulate for Minaj around 2007 with the release of her first mixtape.That and subsequent mixtapes showcased Minaj’s out-front style with influences of sexually charged attitudes such as , her future label boss, and she was featured on his Dedication 3 mixtape.

One image shows the 31-year-old star grabbing onto Drake's crotch as she squats in front of him. Another sees her grinding on him as he kisses her neck.

'I wanna thank God first and foremost,' said Ma, who also won the honor in 2005.

While tweeting with fans on Saturday night, Nicki Minaj decided to be a more than generous giver.

Another wrote: "Ahhhh drake omg omg I love youuuu u both sexy." A third added: "I love these two together. The duo's sexy display is the latest indication that their chemistry may not just be for the cameras.

Ever since they went on tour together back in 2012, there have been rumours that the pair are lovers.

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During his Would You Like A Tour concert in LA last year, Drake described her as the most beautiful woman in the world.

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