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Evan disregards the intertextual parallels between Noah and Moses: both are placed in an “ark” (tebah) waterproofed with bitumen.2.”While certainly a folklore theme, the practice of placing a child in the river may have been a widely practiced form of abandonment, similar to the more modern practice of leaving a child on the doorstep of a house,” T. Apropos (2), both Egypt and Mesopotamia were riverine civilizations.4. Evan confuses the date of Sargon with the date of the legend.

Papyrus was a natural, Egyptian building material for rafts (cf. “Although set in the life of King Sargon of Akkad (2371-2316BC), the surviving fragments of the tale are Neo-Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian in date (7C-6C BC)…A further problem for those wishing to find a correlation between the Sargon legend and the Moses birth story is, as noted above, that the earliest surviving copies of the Sargon text date from Neo-Assyrian or later times.

This literary motif goes back to ancient stories, where writers use the abandoned child theme to identify a character that rises from obscurity to privileged hero status.

It’s a motif found in the biblical account of Moses’ birth. Moses’ story begins when Pharaoh feels threatened by the growing Hebrew population in Egypt and commands that all Hebrew male infants be killed (Exod –22).

waters of joy, to see that the hoes till the arable tracts and that ...... He was troubled, he was afraid like a fish floundering in brackish water. " Thus he met the chief smith of the king only at the gate of the fated house.

Like a lion he urinated, sprinkling his legs, and the urine contained blood and pus.

She set me in a basket of rushes, with bitumen she sealed My lid. What is more important is when the original autographs were written.

Around 2500 BC, King Sargon is said to have been placed in a reed basket caulked with pitch and hidden in the river. .] Let him r[ule, let him govern] the black-headed [peo]ple; [Let him conquer] mighty [mountains] with chip-axe[s of bronze], [Let] him scale the upper ranges, [Let him traverse the lower ranges], Let him circle the sea [lan]ds three times! They say the same about Jesus and how Him being born of a virgin was a copy from older stories, nevertheless it is not true.

Sargon was a real, historical person, even if the story of being placed in a reed basket is a myth, and he went on to found a huge new empire based on southern Mesopotamia. My city is Azupiranu, which is situated on the banks of the Euphrates. [Dilmun let his hand capture], Let him go up [to] the great Der and [. These inscriptions came thousands of years after the Torah was written.

In modern stories people destined for greatness rarely start off privileged.

They are dropped off at the doorstep of an orphanage or abandoned in the rain.

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If we accept Mosaic authorship, the account antedates the legend of Sargon by many centuries.6.”Exodus 2:3 contains the central elements of the Moses birth narrative that are so commonly compared with the Sargon legend.