Is diggy dating ti daughter

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The people’s opinions, they will not determine my moves and my mistakes don’t define me. And just the fact that just because I’ve grown as a man, it don’t mean I’ve lost any edge at all. Are we seeing the emergence of Tip, the business guy?

I: Nah, not yet, but it’s going to be out this summer. COM: What else do you have in your lineup of things that we can let people know about? They’ve been touring with Diggy, and with Mindless Behavior. This is the part of the project where I’m getting them in the studio and I’m writing and I’m doing some songs and stuff for them now. COM: Aside from your step-daughter’s group and your son’s rap career, you’re also signing and managing a bunch of new acts.

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Additionally, the actress popped a little floppy hat on her head and dressed the tot in a light romper.

While the baby was just fine in the sling, the doting mom often looked down to check on the newborn.

The black material carrier wrapped around the star's frame so that the baby sat upright and against her chest.I’m still gonna make some of the most edgiest, urban music. It’s just that my life is going to be a world apart from what you see on . So this is going to be more so about the things that I used to do before I evolved into the person that you see on the show. His cute daughter, Brittney Asja Atkins had a play date with Diggy Simmons. In the episode Rev Run and Ja Rule talked about how cute it would be if the two young kids were to be in a relationship one day. We got a sneak peak of his parenting skills on an episode of Run’s House.

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