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When she reported the crime to the police, she was told she did not have enough evidence and was sent back to her refugee shelter without the offer of counselling.

Only after three suicide attempts did Abazeed receive therapy from social workers.

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Another woman, Zina, told of how she was scared to go to the toilet at night because the guards would make “inappropriate noises and gestures”.

While some charities have set up “mobile help units” to try and provide support and counselling for women who have suffered sexual assault, they report not being able to provide enough care because of the scale of the problem.

The shelter is named after Jazzie Collins, a transgender African American woman who was an advocate for homeless LGBT folks prior to her death in 2013.

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At that point Jenna took the hand he had wrapped around her and held it as they walked."Source continues, "They had a very warm, affectionate manner with each other that seemed easy and worry-free.

Collins was also among those who helped dream up the LGBT shelter, according to Tommi Avicolli Mecca, the director of counseling programs at the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco.

The new shelter, located at 1050 South Van Ness Ave., between 21st and 22nd streets, has 24 beds for homeless individuals in the LGBT community.

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While there were some shelters that had trained the staff to protect against sexual assault, the standards were not legally binding, meaning that most workers were left without proper training. The report further outlined that women often feel like the security guards in the camps were more of a threat than a protection.