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Some organizations in this list have a specific major listed as a traditional emphasis.

These organizations are social organizations which cater to students in those majors.

Nothing takes me back to college like the smell of stale piss mingled with pot and PBR.

Many were the nights, heaving, wiping the dripping vomit from my face on my Abercrombie T-shirt, I picked myself up off the cold linoleum, stumbled into walls and down creaky stairs, grasping the rickety handrail in a vain and dangerous attempt at balance, before passing out on the sofa in the living room.

For each fraternity man I slept with, I bought a shot glass with their letters on it, the only way I had to get letters.

Today, connotations of fraternities vary according to context including companionships and brotherhoods dedicated to the religious, intellectual, academic, physical or social pursuits of its members.

, even though they are no more likely to commit rape before joining.

This makes you wonder just what these men are saying behind closed doors, a question that becomes particularly pressing when you consider that fraternity culture doesn’t magically dissolve upon graduation: it becomes incorporated into bastions of power that include It’s of course difficult for a woman to know how fraternity men talk when they’re alone.

I statistically analyzed the more than sixteen thousand comments on the Girls section. 56% were “While TFM does not provide a perfectly representative sample of fraternity members (and non-fraternity members can comment on the site), it does provide a far larger sample than, for example, a story about a sexual assault at a single fraternity.

It represents a substantial slice of fraternity culture.

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