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On July 12, 2008, Samantha gave birth to their first and only child, a daughter named Alanna Marie Orton.

Kim and Randy have been spotted hanging out since March this year.

Kim’s man has been a key component at Summer Slam since first entering a steel structure at the event in 2003.

The Viper has produced a number of classic matches at one of WWE’s premier pay-per-views. 17, he can add to his collection as he looks to elevate Roman Reigns in their clash.

She was a WWE viewer and a big fan of Randy Orton before she met him and long before he would become her husband. “So he was all over my house way before I met him.” Orton confirmed this and said that at first he figured Kessler was embellishing how much of a fan she was, but then he met Kessler’s family and they told him the same stories.

I had a sit-down with Vince and Hunter about this and said, “Hey, this is my passion.

I understand why you guys wouldn’t clear me but we only get, as far as we know, one life.

Orton and Kessler first crossed paths while Orton was at a WWE event in New York, where Kessler lives.

Orton was the one to approach her, feeling nervous to ask her name despite the fact that she was the fan.

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