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After 200m take the footpath to Dungworth on the right. Go left on the path that runs on the embankment between the river and the mill pond feeder.

The path goes up past the house, through the back yard and into a field. Part way along this path there is a large rectangular stone The Admiral Rodney pub was built in the 1950’s to replace another inn called The Rodney, which was demolished.

A hundred and fifty years later, William Weaver Tomlinson in his A Comprehensive Guide to Northumberland wrote summit is a desolate looking tract of treacherous moss-hags and oozy peat-flats, traversed by deep sykes and interspersed with black stagnant pools.

Another early traveller to the mountain, Edmund Bogg, described in his 1898 book, Two Thousand Miles of Wandering in the Border Country, Lakeland and Ribblesdale, ..a long bog trot over the proverbial swamps on the long ridge of Cheviot brought us to a ring of stakes which denotes the highest point of the cold bleak back of the mountain.

For the visitor to the region, it is the one hill in Northumberland which must be climbed, a trophy to take home at the end of a holiday.

For the local, it is an old friend, to be visited in all seasons, to be loved for its multi-facetedt is not a hill merely to be climbed, to touch the top, to turn tail and then head back to the comfort of the valley below. It is only then that the walker will discover that the Cheviot is much more than just a big hill with a mixed reputation.

Start - Loxley Road, Hanson Road, near the Admiral Rodney Inn. Public transport - Buses 14, 61, 62 from Hillsborough stop at Loxley Road, Hanson Road Refreshments – Admiral Rodney Inn, Loxley Road; Royal Hotel, Dungworth; Our Cow Molly ice cream, Dungworth. The second bridge leads to woodland where the path is not initially clear. After 50m take the steep cobbled path up the hill to the left. Keep going up the path until it emerges at the rear of the former Robin Hood Inn Continue up the track until it opens out onto a road on the housing estate. After 100m take the footpath off to the right between two houses. Turn right onto the road and head away from Stannington , down on the right just before the church. The track crosses the stream before climbing up to a sharp corner on Storrs Lane.

Simply put, a rollator is a walker with a wheel at the bottom of each leg.

Go down the steps in front of the cottage on the left. Take the first proper road to the right, which is Acorn Way. Beware the steps open out onto the road with no pavement on this side of the road.

Turn right and follow Acorn Drive round to the junction on the right. Near the top of the lane take the steps on the right that go up to Stannington Road.

Next, measure the height of a chair you like and from which you can rise easily.

t must have been with some trepidation that Daniel Defoe set off, in 1728, on his journey to the summit of Northumberland`s highest mountain.

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Proceed down the field towards the village of Dungworth which is directly ahead. Industry came to the Loxley area in the middle of the c17th when the first water-powered mills were set up on the River Loxley.

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