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Thisisleicestershire co uk dating

Unsurprisingly, Cathy’s ambitious pub crawl creates interest wherever she goes and she has been interviewed countless times by local press and radio stations.

She has written about all her visits and is planning to put them in a book. “There’s something unique about walking into a pub in a new part of the country and sitting down with a glass of beer.

Latis, the industry beer and women forum, has welcomed a pub enthusiast into its fold.

Cathy’s pub pilgrimage began in April last year after a visit to a Red Lion in Hawkshead, Cumbria.

A group of beer-loving women is holding a beer and cheese tasting in central London next Wednesday, 8 October, to encourage more women to discover the delights of our national drink.

"Such systems are used on various metro systems, both old and new, around the world and the time has come for London to embrace them.

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The town was laid out by Raymond Unwin as a demonstration of the principles established by Ebenezer Howard who sought to create an alternative to the industrial city by combining the best of town and country living.

It is also home to the United Kingdom's first roundabout, which was built in 1909.

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