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Questions about reimbursement of an expense should be directed to the Committee on House Administration at x58281 prior to incurring the expense.

For all questions relating to policies and procedures applicable to the acquisition, transfer, disposal, and maintenance of furnishings, equipment, software, and related services, please refer to the Guide to Outfitting and Maintaining an Office available from the Committee on House Administration.

“I always talk to him now, ‘Before I die you have to . .’” Jeong-Suk says but cannot finish because her face bows in tears.

Alex, who has cerebral palsy and spinal cord damage, is on a wait list for a bed in a residential care facility.

I am also very fortunate to be involved in PEN Hong Kong, an energetic bilingual organisation of Hong Kong-based writers, editors, translators, academics and journalists, established to promote literature and defend the freedom of expression in the city. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I wrote almost exclusively in Chinese until university and it was mostly just scribbling.

When I was an undergraduate student at the University of Hong Kong, I spent a great deal of time in the library.

As well as teaching and doing research, I co-edit a few publications, including the newly established academic journal, Hong Kong Studies (Chinese University Press), the forthcoming Twin Cities: An Anthology of Twin Cinema from Hong Kong and Singapore (2017), and Cha: An Asian Literary Journal.

Every attendee gets one hour free time in our video production studio in Wanchai – no strings attached and completely free of charge!

Jenna Hamilton and the others start their junior year, and she feels isolated from her friends after their summer vacation in Europe.

Everyone suspects Sadie Saxton is pregnant, but reveals to Lissa that her and her family are now broke.

Several times during the day and sometimes at night, 77-year-old Jeong-Suk Cha has to put her 48-year-old son Alex in a sling.

She’s a shade under five feet tall, slight, maybe 120 pounds. Like countless other Ontario residents — so many a 0-million class-action suit has just been launched against the province — Jeong-Suk often has to work alone.

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First she glides a lift over top of Alex, places colour-coded straps around his body, and pushes the button that lifts the straps and sling.