Ubuntu bind slave not updating victoria secret dating tips

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Ubuntu bind slave not updating

At my wit's end, I am considering setting up a crontab to restart the BIND slaves on an hourly basis, just to avoid serving up stale data. odd, the expected behavior is that new records are immediately served from the slaves once they finish processing the zone transfer. You are updating the serial on the zone for every update right?

the problem but I can help you rule out several things. If you are using views, then [email protected] machine will only serve what is in the localhost-view.

When the serial is incremented on the master zone file, it takes longer than expect for the zone to update on the slave. With a ttl of 5 secs, it takes serveral minutes for the slave to update. Here's my configuration for the master test server: local $TTL 5 @ IN SOA sid. ( 2007010416 ; Serial 5 ; Refresh [1m] 5 ; Retry [10m] 5 ; Expire [1d] 5 ) ; Negative Cache TTL [1h] ; @ IN NS sid. sid IN A etch IN A pop IN CNAME sid www IN CNAME sid mail IN CNAME sid @ IN SOA sid. ( 2007010401 ; Serial 3600 ; Refresh [1h] 600 ; Retry [10m] 86400 ; Expire [1d] 600 ) ; Negative Cache TTL [1h] ; @ IN NS sid. In your case, I don't see the slave server's hostname being listed as an NS record in the zone file.

I have two DNS servers running BIND9, one master and one slave.

It's because the slaves directory is not being found at /var/cache/bind/slaves thus it can't create the temporary file at /var/cache/bind/slaves/tmp-xxxxxxxxxx to store the transferred zone.

Bind first creates a temporary file in the same directory then copies it to the defined filename from the config only after the transfer is completed stops it losing data if the transfer fails partway.

Suppose that the zone statement contains a list of nameservers from which zone data can be obtained.

These need not be masters in the sense defined above: it is possible (and sometimes necessary) for a slave to obtain zone data from another slave.

There are two ways to control when zone transfers take place: The latter method is preferred as it is both quicker and more efficient.

The cache size settings and cache ttl settings are for cached recursive query data and (as you already suspected) don't apply to authoritative data. Suggested troubleshooting method: If that doesn't work, consider posting more information, including sections from both the master and slave and logs from both servers of what is occurring after you load a freshly edited zone on the master. the localhost-view get refreshed only during restart of the named.

But latest zone file (transferred from the master) is still available on the slave and will be served to all queries coming from the external sources or external views.

Because of this, World Wide Web (WWW) hyperlinks and Internet contact information can remain consistent and constant even if the current Internet routing arrangements change or the participant uses a mobile device.

Internet domain names are easier to remember than IP addresses such as 2.166 (IPv4) or 2001:db8:1f70::999:de48:6e8 (IPv6).

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Most importantly, it translates domain names meaningful to humans into the numerical identifiers associated with networking equipment for the purpose of locating and addressing these devices worldwide.

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