Xbox 360 trouble updating

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Xbox 360 trouble updating

Another suggestion made on site is simply "upgrade your console." Data transfers are supported in Destiny so characters, gear, and progress can be moved to a new console.

However, cross-family data transfers are not supported e.g. Alternatively, players can also contact Activision Customer Support for support in "finding the right solution" for their console's storage space. Destiny The Taken King will be released on September 15 across all platforms.

It will introduce major changes to the overall Destiny experience, including weapon balance tweaks and replacing the The Light level system with a more traditional experience-based progression.

The quest and bounty systems in the game are also getting a big overhaul.

Xbox 360 consoles connected to the Internet should start receiving an update notification today.

If you have trouble updating, you can view instructions and troubleshooting steps on the Xbox Support site.

The Xbox One may be Microsoft’s premier gaming and media device, but the company still has plans for the aging Xbox 360.

Xbox Live users are currently having trouble accessing major parts of the service, including signing in and buying items, according to anecdotal reports and Microsoft’s own status page. ET today, Microsoft’s status page mentions “limited” access to Xbox Live “core services” — including sign-in, creating or recovering an account, and search — as well as making purchases, redeeming codes and downloading items.The PS3 version will need at least 20GB of free space during installation and at least 10GB for the required update after installation.Bungie will be releasing a "major" update for Destiny on September 8.One caveat of the update is that gamers already using external hard drives larger than 32GB with their consoles will need to reformat the entire drive to gain access to the additional storage capacity.In addition to larger external hard drive support, today’s Xbox 360 update also brings some additional minor features, including the ability to view your purchase history from the console (Settings Account Security).

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