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At the southwestern shore of the Cabo de Gata peninsula, the fault offsets the shoreline: Here, we did ground penetrating radar for mapping the fault trace and to calculate minimum slip rates.

In the last video we learned a little bit about photosynthesis. The important thing from the photosynthesis point of view is that it's this membrane. Many people might not consider it the electron transport chain, but it's the same idea. So on this membrane you have these proteins and these complexes of proteins and molecules that span this membrane. Well, that's a simplification, but that's how you can think of it.The fault has also been trenched in 2007, but the results haven’t been published yet: There are dozens of papers on on- and offshore seismic investigations, the clay gouges, fault separation, the Quaternary history, the slip rates, dating etc., so here are only some of, revolution, desire, sex, radicality What is love without revolution? Horvat attempts to reveal the radicality, or radical potential, of love in his new book, connecting the emotion/value with revolutionary movements and radical moments.The book begins with the question of why love is so absent in discussions of contemporary upheavals across the globe (an observation which parallels similar findings of the absence of love in relationship narratives: Carter, 2013).Horvat’s aim, however, is not simply to write love back into these accounts but rather to point towards the need for love to be reinvented (revolutionised) in order for it to have true meaning; but more than this, the revolution and reinvention of love should also be a concomitant process in any revolutionary processes.

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