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On the Blu-ray Disc sales chart, Walt Disney’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” remained at No. 5 spot going to “Moana.” One other new release, a theatrical underperformer panned by critics, made the NPD top 20 for the week. Meanwhile, excitement about Warner Bros.’ upcoming theatrical release of “Wonder Woman” sent the 2009 direct-to-video animated “Wonder Woman” – cleverly repackaged and reissued by Warner as “Wonder Woman: Commemorative Edition” – back up the charts, to No. 2, with two Universal Pictures films that have just come off their month-long holdbacks from Redbox, “Split” and “Sleepless,” moving up to No.

Universal Pictures’ “The Space Between Us,” a story about a teenage boy born on Mars who travels to Earth, bowed at No.

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Children of medium and high-income earners also exhibit above average level of addiction to Internet pornography.

Average person burns between 1600 – 2000 calories per day by just being alive.

Findings from the analysis of collected data using chi square analysis, regression and other descriptive measures showed that teenagers are more exposed to Internet pornography than children.

A positive relationship exists between age, parental income and level of exposure to Internet pornography, which implies that as children advance in age, the level of exposure will definitely increase.

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On the overall disc sales chart, “Xander Cage” bowed at No.