Invalidating a session in jsf

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Invalidating a session in jsf

I don't know how common this approach is these days (only creating a servlet session for users that have gone through a login process), as every marketing person seems to want to track information about everyone, including site visitors.

But when I originally wrote that blog code (back in 1999), I had no interest in tracking visitors (and I personally still don't).

We will induce session tracking facility to our web project (for this tutorial, I am using normal JSP web application in Eclipse). Alternatively you may want to create a JSON response and send it to client if you think the request was originated from AJAX. We have specified the filter in file which will get called for url /*.

[ad#blogs_content_inbetween] package net.viralpatel.servlet.filter; import You can configure the URL mapping like normal filters URL mapping.

Don't use BASIC authentication in your application.

Sample application to demonstrate the vulnerability Session fixation is supposed to be fixed in Web Logic Server 10.3.

Fortunately for us servlet developers, it's not always necessary for a servlet to manage its own sessions using the techniques we have just discussed.

(The items you place in the session need to implement the interface to take advantage of this option.) See your server's documentation for details pertaining to your server.

But for doing this still we have to handle the session errors first at server side. I have redirected my user to page if session is not valid.

Let us see how we can track user session using Servlet Filter and redirect her to login page if session is already invalidated. You can give any landing URL that you want your user to go when session is not valid.

The minimal implementation provided by the servlet classes in JSDK 2.0 manages sessions through the use of persistent cookies.

A server can build on this base to provide additional features and capabilities.

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