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"I've been on Tinder lately," he dished to Cosmopolitan. I've just been talking with a couple (women)." The 11-time medalist says he first learned about Tinder after it became the talk of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.Lochte denied chance to defend Olympic title in 400 IM Eventually, he decided to try it out for himself, and now he's going for the gold. He's been long busy in North Carolina, training for the 2016 Rio Games. And then we get in the water and we swim for about two hours.

I’ve just been talking with a couple [women].”, Kayla Rae Reid does boxing, which is a great way to build muscle, lose body fat, and get your cardiovascular and full body workout all in one.

Finally, Schumer matched with someone who seemed promising: Ben Hanisch, a furniture designer from Chicago.

The two messaged back and forth for days, even though Schumer initially feared it was a prank that would be all over the tabloids the next day.

They have been so welcoming to me,” she told the British outlet. He’s a good looking guy and gets a lot of female attention – I mean we’re talking about Ryan Lochte here.

But he also has more depth than you could possibly imagine.

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“It was really fun for me for a minute; I wanted to experience something totally normal and also shock people,” she told Pride Source.

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