C datagridview not updating database

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I have implemented a solution that inserts/updates/deletes data in MS SQL database directly from Data Grid View.

To accomplish this I have used the following events: Row Validating and User Deleting Row.

These are my codes: public partial class Edit Permit : Form { Ole Db Command command; Ole Db Data Adapter da; private Binding Source binding Source = null; private Ole Db Command Builder ole Command Builder = null; Data Table data Table = new Data Table(); public Edit Permit() private void Edit Permit Permit_Load(object sender, Event Args e) private void btn Sv_Click(object sender, Event Args e) private void Data Bind() I have the same kind of project at home, I do not have the source code with me but if needed I can check somewhere this weekend to see what exactly I have done, but I believe it's some of the following: Since you are using a place the code in the method where you want to save you're datagridview changes into the database. Though personally, for testing purposes, I would create a new button and datagridview.

And then when the button is clicked to save the data, and load the second datagridview to see if it loads the changes.

You can easily update a database from a Data Grid View. Step 4See the properties of the Adapter on Data Set, whether it has a query for updating or not. Step 5A line is automatically generated, when you bind the Data Grid View to the dataset.

I have looked at the variables in debug mode and found that pressing Return does set everything the same as clicking the next row. You would also need to make sure that you are only saving things that have changed.NETDisplay an Image in Picture Box in Runtime - Visual Basic . NETWhat is Visual Basic - A Detailed Analysis on Visual Basic Connect Visual Basic . NET Placing Controls on Form Hangman Tutorial - Page 1 - Visual Basic .NET to My Sql Database Visual Basic Tutorials Simple Login Tutorial - Visual Basic . NET application by specifying command syntax at design time and, where possible, through the use of stored procedures. For example, the following code ensures that the deleted rows of the table are processed first, then the updated rows, and then the inserted rows. You must explicitly set the commands before calling event and setting the Status to Skip Current Row. NVar Char, 15, "Category Name") Dim parameter As Sql Parameter = _ adapter.

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