Adult chat in iowa

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Adult chat in iowa

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Iowa's regulations for drivers who experience any loss of consciousness or loss of voluntary control require a six month seizure-free period and a physician's report and recommendation. Physicians are granted immunity from liability, civil or criminal, for information provided to the DMV. Any report provided by a physician under this section shall be kept confidential. A license may be suspended based on a personal statement or medical report of a seizure within the prior six months. An identification card for non-drivers is available through the Department of Transportation upon proof of identity, shown by a birth certificate, school record, passport, insurance policy, or an affidavit from an Iowa adult licensed driver.

The record of an individual whose license is suspended for medical reasons is coded differently than the records of individuals whose license is suspended due to driving violations.

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Another common requirement is the periodic submission of medical reports, in some states for a specified period of time and in others for as long as the person remains licensed. Iowa has no statutory requirement that physicians report people they treat for or diagnose as having epilepsy.

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