Updating quickfinder

Posted by / 11-Mar-2020 03:57

Updating quickfinder

If the numbers continue to decrease and get to zero, you've resolved the problem.

I had shut off any other scheduled service during the continuous indexing process.

If you want to perform the conversion on all user and resource databases in the post office, specify ALL in the User/Resource field.

In the Action drop-down list, select Reset Client Options.

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For the readers convenience, below each released patch, you will find an overview of the bugs that are fixed in that patch for OES11 SP2, and if it is known, a link to the TID that belongs to that bug as well.Once the references have been fixed the orphaned attachments in Removes Time Zone fields from user databases to help resolve problems that occasionally arise when switching to and from daylight saving time.These time zone settings pertain to the Web Access client, not the Windows or Cross-Platform client.I tracked one of the items down that was in my \ mailbox - it was a Word document, and I was able to pull it up and view it and such - \ don't know why QF barfed on it. I'm sure there are participants in this list who have better ideas, but we solved it by running the Quick Finder Index process on the POA continuously over a Saturday and Sunday.I really don't know how long it took to return a (0) after each user (I guess I could check out the log).

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