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I have found in this fast pace city, relationships often move rather slow.

For those of you who are struggling to get over a past relationship, I have to say that I really sympathize with what you’re going through.

Easley suffered the injury during practice on Monday afternoon, which marks the third major knee injury dating back to his collegiate days.

He had torn ligaments in both knees at Florida that also included an ACL tear that prematurely ended his senior year.

I am 29 years old, and I am working ( in finance now).

I go out enough, but I do find it hard to meet people for any real connecting.

You and your home girls continue to party and eat out and live your returnee lives fabulously and single. And even if he wasn't he certainly wasn't stepping up to us in club. And by passionate flings, I mean they were hot, I was hot, it was hot. During the relationships I was never under the delusion that these men would leave their wives for me. I mean I didn't want to be the source of someone else's unhappiness.

If you happen to make it through living in West Africa without ever being courted by a married man then I envy you. Before I made the move from NY, I was sure and certain that I would never ever be one of those girls.In fact, sources close to the purported couple say they’ve been having impromptu horizontal tango sessions for years and are now being surprisingly indiscreet, with Justin rolling up to Scarlett’s apartment building at all hours, and even introducing himself to the building’s doorman. Now, I’m not sure how Miss Johansson’s peers feel about her bed-hopping — after all, Hollywood’s a little more lax about these things — but I can tell you a whole lot of pop culture commentators are having a field day coming up with all kinds of derogatory remarks about her and her active social schedule, and I doubt anyone in a real world workplace would be any more tolerant.We all know that dating in the workplace, whether you’re on a set or sharing a cube wall, is a gamble.Fast forward 10 years on the continent and girrrrllllll!!!!What no one tells you when you move back home with your degree and fabulousity in tow, is that married men don't all come as the big belly sugar daddy Nollywood Ogas.

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They don't tell you that some of the married men you'll meet will be middle-aged, attractive, "good", hardworking, intelligent dudes that would be perfect for you if they were not married. Did all the kind of things that boyfriends and girlfriends do. I mean I didn't get the this is my girl friend introduction (HA!