Consolidating old bart tickets

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Consolidating old bart tickets

BART seems to be digging itself out of a month’s worth of power problems and delays on the Pittsburgh/Bay Point Line.But, no doubt, it’s only a matter of time before BART gets slammed again, given the age of its fleet..” Transit advocates are urging MTC to use the opportunity to create a more seamless fare system, and remove barriers that could allow Clipper payments on both the region’s transit agencies and “first-and-last-mile” trip services.Transit riders can currently use the Clipper card to pay fares on the Bay Area’s seven largest transit agencies (Muni, BART, AC Transit, VTA, Caltrain, Sam Trans, Golden Gate) and the San Francisco Bay Ferry, and it’s set to include several other smaller transit agencies by 2016.Tech For Housing, a blog written by Bay Area techies “united in support of more housing in the Bay Area,” proposed a plan on Monday to kill many birds with one stone by funding BART through new housing developments on BART land.There’s very little chance of BART actually following through on such a suggestion, but it’s not a half bad idea on paper: BART owns acres of surface parking spread out across the system.The first train car was unveiled today at BART’s testing facility in Hayward, marking the beginning of the arrival of a new fleet of 775 train cars over the next five years.“This next testing phase is critical to having safe and reliable new train cars,” said Board President Tom Radulovich.

They have a proof of concept: The MTRC [Hong Kong’s Metro Transit Railway] has two major revenue streams. The other is the value generated from its real estate holdings around each of its stations.Dubbed the “Car of the Future,” they boast more doors (for faster loading and unloading), more comfortable seats, better seals to keep them quiet inside, and–one hopes and assumes–far more reliability.According to a BART release: BART is now one step closer to providing much needed capacity relief with the arrival of its first new train car now set to begin a crucial onsite testing phase.While using a single card is certainly more convenient for customers whose trips take them across seemingly arbitrary transit agency service boundaries, it hasn’t made those trips “Take the trip from U. Berkeley to Stanford: important destinations that are both inherently walkable places with daytime populations in the tens of thousands,” SPUR Transportation Policy Director Ratna Amin wrote in a blog post last week.“It’s logical to think they’d be linked by high-quality transit connections.

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Indeed, its rolling stock is so old, the agency is reduced to searching for spare parts on e Bay.