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This club is not about going to bars and clubs, but just meeting up somewhere and doing something awesome. Whether it be a boat cruise, a Broadway play, fashion shows, museums, tours etc. Its time to make new friends and re-create the good old college days.

Its time to create another network of people you can rely upon. So get out of from your comfort zone, and explore with us the NYC. This is the best way to start meeting and dating in New York.

Whether it’s the twinkling lights of the skyline or the ability to have all your senses captivated at once, it’s undeniable that New York City is enchantingly romantic.

If you are planning a special occasion or just a weekend getaway for two, there are endless New York City hotels to stay and one-of-a-kind, romantic places in the city that doesn’t sleep.

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Expect interesting ingredients - trout roe, kimchi emulsion, rhubarb jelly - that make the menu fun, but not at all pretentious.” Manhattan Cricket Club – On the Upper West Side; the place looks like a speakeasy and the atmosphere radiates class. Hudson Hotel Tequila Park – Near Columbus Circle; this place is best in the summer or with a fall jacket so you can hang out in its nice outdoor space.Apthotheke – Near Chinatown; the bartenders here wear lab coats and the decor is an attraction itself. L'Artusi has been the ultimate Infatuation date night spot for some time now. Either way, here are our favorite spots for general date night excellence.

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DTUT – On the Upper East Side; this spot has a funky vibe and is unique in being both a bar and a coffee shop.