Paul mcdonald dating nikki reed

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Paul mcdonald dating nikki reed

The divorce papers revealed an interesting detail, according to TMZ, which obtained the document. Other than that, the filing appears to be very routine: irreconcilable differences, no spousal support, no worries about child support because they never had any kids.

The stars were all friends for years before their respective breakups, and since then, there have been rumors of a feud between Nina and Nikki.

With songs like “Now That I’ve Found You” and “All I’ve Ever Needed,” Reed’s current beau, ‘Vampire Diaries’ hunk Somerhalder, is having a hard time swallowing the fact that his girlfriend remains close with Mc Donald.

“Ian’s really fallen hard for Nikki and things are moving quickly for them, but there’s one thing causing tension and it’s her ex Paul,” an insider told Dish Nation.

Nikki Reed started dating her boyfriend Paul Mc Donald from 2011 and they turned their affair into marriage on October 16, 2011. Due to work obligations and busy schedule, they filed for a divorce in May 2014 and were granted a divorce on 2 January 2015.

She started her affair with her current spouse Ian Somerhalder from Mid 2014.

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In August 2010, Mc Donald and his band members moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and launched a campaign to let their fans choose a new name for the band.