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Actor/conspiracy theorist Randy Quaid has resurfaced online, posting a NSFW video in which he appears to simulate sex with his wife while she wears a Rupert Murdoch mask.Quaid, who has grown a shaggy beard, rails against Murdoch and a Warner Brothers executive who he claims stole his house.A disciplinary process within the Church would have lasted several months, protracting “for a long time the uncertainty within his diocese”, the statement added.The bishop will no longer have an official position within the Church but will remain a monk, but without the power to celebrate mass.Puttur, Aug 10: Local block Congress president, Fazal Rahim, is facing embarrassment after he shared a video site clip, 'Real Sex Priya' to five groups including a Whats App group run by the fans of Dakshina Kannada district in-charge minister, B Ramanath Rai.

It is said that the video clip which was received to a Whats App group of which Fazal is a member, was accompanied by lure of attractive prize.

She asserted that in spite of who has done it, the person concerned is wrong.

Fazal Rahim Fazal Rahim clarified that when he clicked on a video clip that was received in his Whats App group, he did not find anything obscene in it.

I'm gonna fuck you," says Quaid, who is sporting the Hawaiian shirt he wore in "Independence Day" and a jacket, but does not appear to be wearing pants.

Quaid and his wife, Evi, who dons a Rupert Murdoch mask, then take the metaphor a little too far.

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Today i was threatened by a group who called themselves "anonymous".